4 simple steps to an epic retention strategy with social media.

epic retention strategy

So how can we create an epic retention strategy with social media?

When we think social media, we don’t usually think retention. But what if we wrapped out mindset around social media to look at it as a powerful client retention tool?

As the way we market our businesses evolve, so should our retention strategies, this is where social media can help us create an EPIC retention strategy.

4 simple steps to an epic retention strategy with social media

Taking small steps on social media on a regular basis does ensure that we attract new traffic. Social media can also be a powerful way to create a resource hub for your clients and members.

1. Have a client-only Facebook group

Facebook groups are extremely popular for business networking.

Practically everyone is on Facebook; chances are your clients will be too. Create a client-only Facebook group where your members can network and support one another. Link the group to your website.

Make sure that your group administrator takes note of anything that needs to be addressed in a timely manner. If your company works with volunteers, you can assign volunteers to help with the group.

Make it engaging, dedicate each day of the week for a different networking purpose.

Example: Monday tips where you encourage group members to share their genius. Thursday Career tips, where you encourage members to help other group members struggling to find employment. It could be anything, but engagement is essential.

2. Host a regular company Twitter Chat as part of your epic retention strategy

Host a company Twitter chat where you will discuss particular company-related topics with your clients/members. Here are some tips to follow on hosting a successful Twitter Chat.
You can easily advertise your Twitter chats on Twitter, Facebook and your company website.

Twitter chats will help with your exposure, and let’s not forget that having an engaging chat with your current clients/members will draw curiosity and hopefully generate leads.

Most importantly, this is a great way to engage with your current clients.

3. Use Instagram to share relevant industry tips

I always cringe a little when I come across businesses that still do not use Instagram.

I understand that for some, at first glance, it may not be the place for your business, but you couldn’t be more wrong. There is an audience for EVERYONE on Instagram.

Don’t believe me? I challenge you to look up keywords relevant to your industry on Instagram, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

You just have to dig deep into those hashtags, and with a little research, you’ll soon find your audience. I once had a plumber as a client, and we created a home maintenance awareness campaign on Instagram. This campaign generated lead after lead using ONLY Instagram.

You can share daily tip infographics on Instagram, quotes, give an audience a glimpse of what it’s like on the inside of your company and samples of your work.  The possibilities are endless.

4. Do weekly Facebook Lives to answer FAQ’s

Facebook Live gives you the opportunity to broadcast any news or message to your followers. The live broadcast is recorded so your clients and members can easily access the recording at a later time.

People love readily available information, so having an optimized, user-friendly website is important, but being able to put a face to a brand and have questions answered live is a powerful retention tool.

Just like when your company receives inquiries over the phone, a dedicated staff should be able to host a Facebook live. To increase the success of your Facebook live sessions, ensure that you have set guidelines posted to your page ahead of the live broadcast.

Tip: You’ll want to set guidelines for your Facebook Live event. Ensure that your audience is aware of how many questions you intend to answer. How much time you have for this live broadcast. Let your audience know if you will post the questions and answers somewhere after the event.

Offering value on your various social media platforms will play a key role in your retention strategy. It’s important to be open minded when it comes to social media marketing, the possibilities are endless and when used correctly,  it is easy to identify what works and what doesn’t.

Here’s to your new EPIC retention strategy!

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10 Best Online Social Media Resources!

Online social media resources

Look online they said! ……… Pretty much what everyone was telling me when I was looking for advice as a new business owner. It’s hard to locate the best social media resources, thankfully for you, as I educated myself and learned I’d made lists. Today I’ll be sharing with you ten favorite online social media resources.

1. http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com

This is the ultimate digital marketing hub, on their website, you can find reports, world-class content, leading industry reports and of course you can always count on finding the latest trends.

2. www.debbieroy.com

What type of entrepreneur would I be if I didn’t send you to my website. I live and breathe social media for business, a passion that I discovered a few years ago unexpectedly. On my blog, you can find amazing tips on social media growth hacks, using your content as currency and more.

3. http://academy.hubspot.com/

The Hubspot Academy, offers online certifications that earns them a top spot in my online social media resources list. Although not all topics directly cover social media, as a digital marketer, it is crucial that you have an all around understanding of what an Inbound Marketing Strategy is. Social Media is all about creating a boomerang effect and leaving your audience wanting more.

4. Hootsuite.com

My favorite thing about Hootsuite is that they offer an education program. Maybe you are a business owner; perhaps you are a social media manager, taking advantage of their free training videos will get you up to speed with the latest trends. By the way, once you have taken all of the video training you can receive their certification for a one time fee.

5. www.lynda.com

If you are a newbie to social media, this may be a great place to start for your online social media resources. Learn from experts about various tips and tricks as well as take online courses regarding various platforms.

6. AlphaGamma.eu

AlphaGamma is an online business portal for millennials. ANYONE, millennial or not can benefit from the incredible recourses available, and articles. You can find great action reads on various topics such as entrepreneurship, social media and much much more.

7. Gary Vaynerchuk!

An absolute must read for business, and social media growth is Gary Vaynerchuk’s blog! He is one of the best online social media resource available! https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com/blog/ His knowledge is beyond anything I’ve ever come across. Any business should without a doubt follow him and educate themselves!

8. https://www.entrepreneur.com/

A resourceful business hub and learning tool. Industry experts share their knowledge and know-how and often write on the topic of social media!

9. Moz.com

I recommend this website for social media marketers and managers. You’ll be up to date with the latest algorithm changes, and this goes without saying that this has to be one of the most important aspects of social media success. They also have SEO guides, link building tips and more.

10. YOU!

At the end of the day, you are your best online social media resource; it is called research! How do you think every well-known marketer got where they are today? Self-Education, years of know-how, trial and error, and RESEARCH! When in doubt, do not be afraid to use the internet.

Hire a Toronto Social Media Manager, Invest in Strategy!


If you have a dream and have the drive, you can start your business venture. As a Toronto social media manager, it call came clear to me once I realized how much I could do to help new businesses.

You see, every marketing dollar you spend is an investment into the future of your business. But what if I told you that you could reduce the amount of money you spend on marketing by having an effective social media campaign in place? Along with an SEO optimized website, a social media campaign can create a greater reach (if done right) over time than any amount of money you spend on various campaigns. Don’t get me wrong; paid Ads are great……if done right.

As a Toronto social media manager, I have seen it ALL! I’ve seen companies invest thousands of dollars on Facebook ads and not see any ROI, why? Because they had not previously identified their audience and their ads created with a vague targeting. I’ve seen companies so popular in the city, yet put their social media accounts on the back burner.


I’ve also seen companies not respond to their reviews on sites such as Tripadvisor and Yelp. I have news for you, all of these play such an important factor into your success. Sometimes you may not notice the effect right away, but unanswered comments (interactions) has to be one of the worst things you do for your business.  This is when you know it’s time to get a Toronto social media manager (A.K.A me).

Now let’s talk social media management and why you should hire a social media manager. Social Media changes happen at the speed of light; platforms update their functionality, algorithms change faster than I can turn around, you want to be on top of your competitor’s game, so you need a social media manager. For those who don’t know too much about social media for business, the general population believes that a social media manager plays on social media, makes lovely photos and interacts with followers.

Although creating graphics, and creating engagement on your pages is a big part of our role, the core of it is creating effective strategies by identifying your audience, where your audience is, what they want to see and much more. Our job also includes making sure that we are consistently on top of new algorithm changes so that you get the best possible results. We research and educate ourselves. Because of the constant changes, we consistently attend various workshops, training and mastermind groups. We are your best possible option at finding success with social media.


  • Do in-depth social media audits along with providing you with an implementable action plan.
  • Do influencer sourcing for upcoming events and promotions.
  • Manage your social media accounts.
  • Create content calendars and campaigns for your social media accounts by analyzing trends and your audience.
  • Graphics creation for your social media calendars and campaigns.
  • Offer in-house or online training to you and your team about the latest trends.
  • Manage paid Ads (Facebook, Google, Bing and more).
  • Community engagement (Respond to all inquiries received on social media and create ongoing engagement).
  • Set up your social media accounts on various platforms.


So, why hire a Toronto social media manager you ask? You owe it to yourself and your business to see the best possible results. A social media manager will allow you to have a solid online footprint, your online reputation will be managed, and truly, the sky’s the limit!


Let’s talk! hello@debbieroy.com

Toronto’s best new bar: Black Briik Restobar!

There is something very special that happens when you get to witness the opening of new businesses in your area, especially Toronto’s best new bar. In my books, living west of Toronto has always been so sweet. I work downtown, and I like to stay out of downtown on the weekends. I am a small town girl living in a big city, after all. The city has many great pubs, but for me, finding a place that feels like home is important.

The Place!

I recently attended the grand opening of Black Briik Restobar, a new pub near Bloor and Dufferin. The area is up and coming, newly gentrified and filled with life and culture. To me, Black Briik feels like a spot straight out of the Maritimes, it is friendly, and I mean friendly to the point that I could visit on my own, and I am sure I would have a great time. It’s all about the 90’s if you get a chance to visit Black Briik A.K.A the new best bar in town, get ready to have the time of your life and party like it’s 1999!